Team Trump just blew it AGAIN

In 2002, George W. Bush flubbed an old expression, saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice… ya fool me, ya can’t get fooled again!” The point is that once someone has fooled you, you have no excuse for letting such foolery happen to you again. If it does, then, as Bush meant to say, “shame on me.” The Trump White House, better known these days as Coverup Headquarters, has proven that they don’t need anyone fooling them. They are doing an admirable job not just of fooling themselves, but of doing it again.

For the second time in one month, the Trump team has accidentally emailed talking points about the Ukraine scandal to House Democrats. This time around, the talking points have to do with defending Trump against the testimony of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yoyanovitch, who told the House yesterday that Trump had improperly yet successfully launched “a concerted campaign” to pressure the State Department for her removal, which occurred in May.

According to The Hill, which obtained a copy, the talking points focus, not surprisingly not on the substance of the allegations but on attacking the Democrats. Specifically, they target House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, accusing him of “putting [Yovanovitch] in a precarious position by having her testify in secret without State Department lawyers be present.” Republicans are then supposed to put on their mad face and demand to know “why Schiff is willing to put career officials in such risky situations while bullying them with legally unfounded threats of obstruction charges.” Finally, Trump’s dwindling number of soulless sycophants are instructed to paint Schiff as the Constitution-hating lawmaker, claiming he “is willing to ride roughshod over fair process and to use career officials to further a baseless political objective.”

In May, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously remarked that Donald Trump is “almost self-impeaching.” More than that, Trump is also self-imploding these days thanks in part to unforced errors by a staff whose idiocy and incompetence are a perfect match for their boss’. As a presidential candidate, Trump often boasted about the high caliber of people he wanted for his campaign and his presidency. In an August 2015 interview with the Washington Post, for example, Trump said “I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people. We want top of the line professionals.” It is clear that Trump has been fooling himself—again.

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