Yep, Russia tampered with the vote

US Cyber Command Chief Admiral Mike Rogers (NSA) testified to a Senate committee that Trump has not authorized or directed him to act against the Russians for tampering with our election. As reported by NBC News (link), it has come to light that seven States have, in fact, had their voting procedures (and perhaps their methods for counting votes) tampered with by the Russians.

The new sanctions against Russia which were voted into law last year will not be enforced because “this legislation and its implementation are deterring Russian defense sales,” as per State Dept. spokeswoman Heather Nauert.

The entire Trump Troupe has dealt with Russian banks, Russian oligarchs, Russian hoteliers, Russian ambassadors and government officials, WikiLeaks and “Russian adoptions” on a much more frequent and intimate basis than seems appropriate especially since the Russians are NOT our friends. And especially since every security agency in this country has established the same fact: Russia deliberately tampered in the US election for president in 2016.

It does not take a rocket scientist to conclude that Trump and the Troupe are in collusion/collaboration/alliance with the Russians. It is humorous to think that Trump actually thinks this is a WITCH HUNT. Mueller and his Gang to be Feared are closing in on the whole nasty business and they are not looking for witches. They are following the money which flowed freely from the Russians for years, according to Trouper Eric. Either Trump is stupid or he just never thought through what would be required of a President of the United States. Probably both.

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