Someone in the White House must REALLY want to take Ivanka Trump down

Today we learned that House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings, who has been demanding that the White House turn over documents relating to Jared Kushner’s security clearance, has already secretly been sitting on some of the documents for the past month. This is a reminder that Cummings is playing chess while Donald Trump is playing checkers – but it also tells us something else.

It’s not just that someone in the White House leaked the Jared Kushner security clearance documents to Elijah Cummings a month ago. It’s that this same person also leaked documents about Ivanka Trump’s security clearance to Cummings, according to Axios. Until it surfaced in the media a few days ago, no one even knew there was an Ivanka Trump security clearance scandal.

This means that the White House leaker made a point of bringing the existence of Ivanka’s security clearance scandal to the attention of House Democrats. This is something that might well never have surfaced, if not for this leaker.

In other words, there is someone in Donald Trump’s White House who really wants to take Ivanka Trump down. Maybe this leaker has a personal beef with Ivanka. Maybe the leaker is merely using Ivanka as a way of trying to get to Donald. Or maybe the leaker thinks that Ivanka is the real threat to American democracy. One way or the other, the Trump White House is now eating itself alive.