Donald Trump swings and misses at the end of disastrous hearings for him

More than eleven hours after today’s televised House impeachment hearings began, Donald Trump finally has something to say about it. He’d spent most of the day saying nothing, instead sitting back and letting everyone from the official White House Twitter account to his House Republican stooges to do his dirty work for him. But now Trump is finally speaking up.

Here’s what Donald Trump finally tweeted sometime after 8pm eastern time: “A great day for Republicans, a great day for our Country!” Wait, huh? What hearings was he watching today? All four of these witnesses have gone incredibly poorly for Trump today, which is terrible for him, considering two of them were specifically requested by his own party.

The trouble for Donald Trump is that generic declarations of victory like this aren’t going to change any minds. Even Trump’s own supporters can’t possibly think today went well for him. And the people in the middle are surely left shaking their heads today about just how guilty Trump is starting to look.

Yet this appears to be all that Donald Trump can muster at this point. There have been some rumblings in the media that the Republicans may have told Trump to stop attacking the witnesses. But really, are we supposed to believe what the Republicans are leaking to the media at this point? For all we know, Trump is still recovering from whatever caused him to be taken to the hospital this weekend, and his handlers are tweeting this increasingly weak swill.

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