Electoral College slams the door shut on Donald Trump in key swing states

– All of the states that Trump tried to steal have now cast their Electoral College votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Trump has lost yet again. Biden will address the nation tonight at 7:30pm eastern time, as President-elect.

– According to an alternate slate of electors, Palmer Report is now the most popular news outlet in the world. Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way?

– Trump is now filing suit in New Mexico, a state he lost by eleven points. He’s exhausted his legal challenges in the swing states he was trying to steal. So now he’s trying to prolong his grift by pretending to contest the election in states where he got blown out. This is just pathetic. And again, it has no chance of getting him anywhere.

– Tweet of the day, from Congresswoman Maxine Waters: “Trump, you attempted to overthrow the legitimate votes of Americans. You got kicked in the face by 46 courts & the crown kicking came from the Supreme Court you thought you owned! The democracy is stronger than you will ever understand. Goodbye & good riddance!”

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