Swing and a miss

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CNN, in recent months, has put in place its night-time lineup, which has seen several new faces in the primetime hours. Laura Coates. Kaitlan Collins. Abby Phillip. It’s the last one I’d like to talk about. In my opinion, she has the most potential, and she showed it on TV the other evening.

We have all heard about Trump’s disgusting “poisoning the blood” comments. Since then, Republicans have seemed not to know quite how to handle this latest dumper fire of their’s.

What most Republicans have NOT done is come out against the comments, proving that there is surely NOTHING Trump can do that would disgust Republicans enough to abandon him. And one idiot actually tried to blame Democrats for Trump’s comments. But Abby Phillip shut them down fast.

Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York was the hapless Republican. Philip asked her about those comments. “I don’t think that’s what he was saying,” Nicole said, proving that 1984 is alive and well and living on Capitol Hill. “I think he was talking about the Democratic policies.”

Oh boy was that a swing and a miss! Then, not content to look like an idiot, she made it worse for herself by bringing up fentanyl.

And she is right — fentanyl is a problem. Only that is NOT what Donald Trump was talking about. Phillip did not take the bait: “Congresswoman, he was pretty clear, he was saying that the immigrants that are coming in, he says they are poisoning the blood of the nation.”

“He never said immigrants,” the New York soon-to-be-ex Congresswoman when we beat her, insisted. “He was talking about people,” Phillip said quietly. Honestly, it was like watching a slithery, petrified rodent trying to escape a calm and eloquent tiger. It gets worse.

“He’s hired immigrants” the Republican said glowingly, undoubtedly causing many snickers from CNN watchers. Honestly, it was painful. If this is the best they can do, I say it’s pretty bad. This is real life, Republicans. You can try to 1984 the American public to your heart’s content, but people are not buying what you’re selling.

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