Susan Collins is screwed

Dozens of Republican Senators voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, knowing full well that he was a serial sexual assaulter who belonged in prison. But some of those votes for Kavanaugh made more of an impression than others, because certain Republican Senators were stupid enough to make themselves the faces of Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Jeff Flake, a pathetic fraction of a man, pretended to be concerned about putting a violent maniac on the Supreme Court before ultimately caving like the coward that he always was. But Flake is out of the Senate now, and while he’ll spend the rest of his life getting dirty looks, he’ll never have to answer for his actions in a future election. The same can’t be said for Susan Collins, who ultimately grabbed the mic and married herself to the notion that Kavanaugh was the victim of some vast conspiracy.

Yesterday the New York Times published the results of its lengthy and exhaustive investigation into Brett Kavanaugh’s past. The verdict: he’s even more of a monster than we knew. As we explained last night, his time is coming. But for Susan Collins, her time in office probably just ended.

Susan Collins sold her vote, her respectability, and her soul to Mitch McConnell in exchange for promises that McConnell would fund her 2020 Senate reelection campaign. The thing is, thanks to Collins’ all-caps support of Brett Kavanaugh, her approval rating is already in the toilet. This new expose on Kavanaugh is pushing his life of crime, and her criminal decision to put him on the Supreme Court, back into the spotlight just as the 2020 election season is heating up. Collins is screwed.

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