Suffer the little children

I once asked my brother why it was that he caught so many cold and flu bugs. I should have guessed the answer. His wife is an elementary school teacher. Who needs a Petri dish for common viruses when you’ve got the modern American classroom?

So is anyone surprised that Donald Trump is all for putting that Petri dish to nefarious work? Not content to be a mere child rapist and murderer, Donald Trump has raised his game and combined his greatest crimes into one: child murderer. He and the woman who frequently gets mistaken for Cruella Deville, education secretary and actual billionaire Betsy DeVos, have a cunning plan. They want to repopulate America’s schools with America’s school children this Fall, just in time for a spike in the soon-to-be worst pandemic in American history.

Before you spout the party line, that children seldom get sick and even fewer die of coronavirus, the fact is they do both — and many will get sick and die, thanks to Trump and DeVos. But there’s even a greater hazard still. Recall that children can also carry the bug just as easily as any adult. And they will. They will carry it back into their homes where they will infect mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. It will magnify this problem pandemic to the point where it will kill millions of Americans before the year is out.

As if that’s not bad enough, a raging coronavirus spike is on its way. The numbers are starting to look ominous again and the daily death tolls are creeping back up into four digits. As I wrote in two other articles, a statistical anomaly called Simpson’s paradox has falsely made it look like the number of coronavirus deaths are falling. That is not the actual case, and we will learn just how bad it is in the coming days.

But that doesn’t stop the Cretin-in-Chief from crowing and claiming an early victory. The truly amazing bit is that he doesn’t have a clue how heartlessly insensitive it makes him look to do a victory tap dance on the corpses of one hundred and thirty thousand dead Americans. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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