Donald Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels provides huge new clue about the Trump-Russia scandal

Donald Trump’s newly exposed affair with Stormy Daniels is receiving attention today for three reasons. First, he cheated on his wife yet again. Second, he had the affair with a famous porn actress. Third, he paid her $130,000 for her silence a month before the election. It’s that last part that’s going to end up being the most important aspect of the story, not because of the timing, but because of what it proves about Trump’s willingness to give in to the demands of sex blackmailers.

Daniels went to Trump shortly before election day, asked for money in exchange for her silence about the sex they had, and promptly received it. I don’t know or care if this meets the legal definition of “blackmail.” Nor am I focused on whether or not Daniels did anything morally wrong by keeping this information from voters during the election. Again, that’s not the real story here. I’ll leave those aspects for others to debate. The real story here is what it tells us about Donald Trump and Russia.

The “Trump-Russia dossier” from former MI6 agent Christopher Steele has long alleged that the Russian government was able to take control of Trump partly by sending him Russian prostitutes, secretly recording it, and using it as blackmail material. This part of the dossier has never been proven. Trump claims the incident never happened. His apologists have insisted that Trump would never be careless enough with his sex life to fall prey to such blackmail, and he would never give in to the demands of blackmailers anyway.

Now we have proof that when Donald Trump’s extramarital sex life led to a demand of a six figure payout, he paid it immediately. He’s such a cheapskate that he doesn’t even pay his contractors, but he didn’t hesitate to part with his money to keep his affair with a porn star from coming out. This proves that Trump is more than willing to meet any demands the Russians might be making, in exchange for keeping his sex life quiet. This is a giant leap toward substantiating what we’ve all long suspected: Russia is using a sex tape to blackmail Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report