Stephen Miller has total meltdown

Stephen Miller appeared on CNN today with Wolf Blitzer and gave a blistering diatribe about America and its relationships with global conflict. Miller does not normally go on CNN. But he is one of the few people left on Trump’s staff, so there are not many others able to go in front of the camera for Trump at this point. Clearly, Miller has nothing left to lose and paraded himself in all of his perceived glory in front of the cameras like a peacock.

Miller’s speech today will go down in history as a sign of the growing neo-Nazi movement in the United States that Donald Trump, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, in particular, brought to the White House, like a flea infestation. As Miller spoke on CNN, he painted a narrative that was both inaccurate, and self-serving to the Trump Administration.

Stephen Miller decided to try to deceive the American viewers by peddling a bleak, black and white scenario when it came to the withdrawal of troops from Syria, which prompted Secretary Mattis’ resignation. Miller’s narrative was false and a bit maniacal. He made it seem like Americans only have two choices: to be involved in every war on planet earth or to be involved in none. When Wolf Blitzer asked if this meant the U.S. was going to pull out of every other international hotspot, Miller, unfazed in his self-appointed smugness, exclaimed he certainly did not mean that. Again, Miller and his monologue plowed on, and he was clearly satisfied with his performance even though what he was saying did not track at all.

Stephen Miller also spoke for Trump and himself when he said that if Congress doesn’t want a government shutdown right before the holidays when people may not get their paychecks, then the Democrats simply should approve the funding for the wall. It turns out that Miller actually believes that this bullshit he’s spouting is effective and enjoys an elevated status that’s all in his head, or so it appeared. The sad thing is, Miller, this gas bag of a pompous self-important idiot, was the best Trump had to send out to feed the people the information we need to maintain a free and fair democracy. Too bad we didn’t get anything close to being informative because Miller’s speech was almost deranged and inflammatory. Unfortunately, Trump and Miller are ready to shut down the government out of spite.

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