Did Donald Trump step on a rake?

Donald Trump just couldn’t stop ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. He attacked judges. He made things up about climate change. He ranted about “bedlam, chaos, injury and death.” He accidentally tweeted a Chuck Schumer parody account. It was peak Trump, holidays be darned. Then something happened.

Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted anything in twenty-one hours. There was a generic retweet of the White House account somewhere in there, but that clearly wasn’t his own doing. Trump has gone completely silent. Yes, it’s a holiday weekend. But that didn’t stop him on Thursday or Friday. So what’s really going on here? There are a couple of plausible explanations.

The big news yesterday afternoon was that Jerome Corsi was negotiating a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This was a big deal for two reasons. First, if Corsi flips on Roger Stone, it could leave Stone with no choice but to flip on Trump. That would be devastating for Trump, because he and Stone have shady antics together that go back four decades. Second, this latest plea deal appears to signal that Mueller is still moving full steam ahead, and the newly installed Matt Whitaker isn’t succeeding in running meaningful interference.

Notably, Donald Trump went silent right after the Corsi-Stone news broke, and he hasn’t tweeted since. So maybe the prospect of his oldest friend Roger Stone flipping on him has stunned him into silence. Or maybe Trump simply stepped on a rake and knocked himself unconscious. After all, he seems weirdly fond of rakes.