Donald Trump goes full psycho stalker after Nancy Pelosi gets the best of him

The more clear it becomes to Donald Trump that it’s all going wrong for him, the more erratic, incoherent, and disturbing his behavior is becoming. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has impeached him for his crimes, and now she’s working on making sure his Senate impeachment trial isn’t a sham. In response, Trump has gone completely overboard in his approach toward her.

On Friday night Donald Trump began retweeting various trash filled Twitter accounts. One of them bizarrely claimed that “we have a rogue house with the speaker that’s caved and does what she’s told” – without bothering to spell out who’s supposedly controlling Speaker Pelosi. Trump then retweeted a loon who made up the laughable false claim that “Pelosi refuses to release the transcripts from Schiffty Schiffs Secret meetings that exonerate Trump.” But then came the real debacle.

At the height of his Twitter meltdown, Donald Trump ended up retweeting a picture of what he claims is Nancy Pelosi’s home. This is something that anyone can probably Google, so it’s not as if he’s giving away a secret. But he knows his support base consists of unstable violent lunatics, one of whom has already mailed bombs to several Democratic politicians. Trump is trying to put Pelosi’s safety in danger, and he knows it.


Nancy Pelosi will be fine. She’s infinitely tougher than Donald Trump is. But this is the latest reminder that because Trump is losing his presidency, he’s also losing what’s left of his mind. The Senate has a deeper responsibility than ever to remove Trump from office, so prosecutors can get down to the business of indicting and arresting him for his crimes.

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