Donald Trump is spiraling frantically out of control

Donald Trump has never been one for facts. His own branding has always consisted of lies about himself. His political messaging has always consisted of lies about the other side. And his Twitter account often reads like fiction. For that matter, for a guy who is a supposed billionaire and is currently President of the United States, Trump often sounds like he views himself as a put-upon loser. All of the above coalesced today into one particularly ugly freak show.

Donald Trump woke up this morning and announced on Twitter that 138 million people had just died in a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka. We don’t know where Trump got this number from, but it’s about seven times larger than the entire population of Sri Lanka, and it’s higher than the entire death total from World War II. About half an hour later he deleted it and replaced it with a tweet which stated that 138 people had died, still horrific, but an entirely different story.

It’s a good thing other world leaders know not to listen to anything Donald Trump says, or perhaps they’d have dispatched their own militaries to Sri Lanka just in case another World War had broken out. Most people would have gone back to bed after that kind of screw-up, but Trump was just getting started. He tweeted a nice Easter message, but based on the phrasing, it seemed to have been written by his staff. Trump’s own Easter message went like this: “Can you believe that I had to go through the worst and most corrupt political Witch Hunt in the history of the United States (No Collusion) when it was the “other side” that illegally created the diversionary & criminal event and even spied on my campaign? Disgraceful!”

That’s right. On a day that represents the holy day of Easter to large chunks of the country and the world, and on a day where a lot of people died in a horrific terrorist attack, Donald Trump still thinks today is all about poor him. Trump has been a sad-sack purveyor of ridiculous false information from th start – but today he took it so much further than usual, it points to him spiraling frantically out of control in the wake of the Mueller report.

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