Something is very wrong here

Sadopopulism is a term used to describe a government body that operates without policy and therefore causes pain to its citizenry. It was first brought into the discussion when describing Trump and Putin. The point of it is to create fear, pain and insecurity in order to weaponize it and direct it toward others. Trump is definitely stupid, but he’s playing 3D chess when it comes to sadopopulism.

This sh*tstain of a garbage human who has hijacked our country is still running at 40% countrywide approval. Taking away the independents, the crazies and the oblivious, that’s roughly half the voting population. Trump is a credibly accused traitor, pedophile and thief. Still he’s running at 40-42% to Joe Biden’s 49-48%. Something is very wrong with America.

America will recover from Trump; we’ve recovered from worse. But it’s now more important than ever to kindly explain to people how much their vote counts. New Zealand is on its 100th day of zero transmission. We, on the other hand, have Sturgis, SD, ground zero for Trumpism and mass infection. The average age of a Harley Davidson owner is over fifty. Fittingly, though Harley Davidson is an enormous driver of the rally at Sturgis, they have chosen to virtually participate in this year’s rally. That’s not the case for the 250,000 rally goers, most of whom are overwhelmingly Trump supporters.

These rally-goers are destined for a cold, dark autumn. If Trump cheats and these people decide to embrace their Dear Leader’s sadistic treatment of them, then Trump does have a chance at four more years. But if they are motivated by fear and insecurity, then you can be too. Sadopopulism can be a two-way street. Imagine four more years of this. Now be motivated and motivate others to vote him out.

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