Something is going profoundly wrong with Donald Trump Jr.

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There is something deeply and profoundly wrong with Donald Trump Jr. What the diagnosis is, I cannot say. Or maybe I can. Donald Trump Jr. seems to have been infected with the disease of blatant stupidity. It leaks from the troll’s every pore. It dilutes his facial expressions.

It makes one think of bacon grease. From the top of Junior’s head to the bottom of his feet, the discharge of ignorance exudes from him. Junior has made another video. This video appears to be — well — about — nothing.

In said video, a bleary-eyed Junior can be seen, his eyes looking a tad bit red as he rambles on in a language I have dubbed “Junior-speak.” This is a language nobody understands except one person — Junior. In said video Junior starts by babbling about not putting Biden in the room with someone because he might “let one rip.”

“Guys — Joe Biden,” Junior adds profoundly. Junior then blabbers about Biden standing between us and the “nuclear-capable China.” This was not the voice of a well man. “Joe Biden is the guy they’re gonna call at three in the morning if there’s a serious crisis with Russia.”

While speaking, it did appear Junior’s eyes were having a difficult time staying open. They seemed to be battling vigorously for closure. And Junior most definitely showed that phrase “like father, like son” is indeed accurate.

If one had listened to this video without seeing it as Junior speaking, it would have been difficult to know if Junior or his papa was talking. If I were Junior (and thank goodness I’m not), I would take an extended break from Twitter and social media in general.

I’d take some time to smell the roses and perhaps plant some seeds. I’d do some reading and perhaps consult a therapist. And I’d definitely work on keeping those peepers open. Maybe eyedrops? However, knowing Junior, many more videos will come out. Because like father like son, Junior is entirely oblivious to just about everything that matters.

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