So what’s next?

– Even after giving up and clearing the way for the transition, Trump will end up trying some more antics. But he knows that his future consists of prison and bankruptcy. The antics he tries from here on out will be aimed at giving himself a softer landing. Pardons, grifting, pilfering. Focus on that if you want to finish him off.

– One important thing to focus on: whenever you see the mainstream media pushing the narrative that Trump’s next step is to run again in 2024, forcefully push back and remind them that they can’t fool you with this stuff. They know that his future consists of prison and bankruptcy. Let them know that you know that they know.

– So what’s next? President-elect Biden will now set the tone. Look for a likely series of announcements from him and his transition team about how they’re working with current government officials (Fauci, etc) to immediately move forward. We expect Biden to waste no time.

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