So that explains why Donald Trump pulled that “reinstatement” stunt yesterday

Yesterday Donald Trump make the disturbing, dangerous, and yet entirely delusional claim that he’ll somehow magically be back in the Oval Office by this August. It’s something that obviously won’t happen, and it was clear that Trump was merely trying to grab headlines for it โ€“ even if those headlines were laughing at him and/or condemning him. Now we have a better understanding of why he did it.

Today, Trump’s handlers quietly announced that his ill-fated blog has been taken down. This doesn’t come as a surprise. Virtually no one was reading it โ€“ not even his own supporters โ€“ meaning he was making the effort for nothing. Worse for him, his blog was starting to generate embarrassing headlines about the fact that no one was reading it. He had to kill it off, before it became even more of a debilitating punchline for him.

But now Trump’s stunt yesterday makes more sense. Twenty-four hours later, his announcement that he’ll be “reinstated” as President in August is still dominating the headlines, meaning he’s getting fewer headlines about the demise of his blog. Trump pulled this kind of misdirection stuff all the time while he was in office, and the media played along willingly. Even now that Trump is out of office, powerless, and a punchline, he’s still occasionally able to get the media to do his bidding. But it doesn’t change the fact that he’s now so irrelevant, he can’t even get anyone to read his blog.

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