So much winning

Donald Trump said that if he became president, Americans would see so much winning, they’d get tired of winning. Everyone outside Trump’s braindead base immediately scoffed at the buffoon, of course. Those words have since become infamous, as Trump’s presidency has predictably consisted of nothing but losing. Now Trump has found a new way to lose that demonstrates that his constant losing has left him vulnerable and crippled.

Here’s what we know for sure: Donald Trump tried to save his dead presidency by trying to cut a peace deal with Taliban terrorist leaders. They responded by attacking the U.S. military, humiliating him. Trump then tried to cover from that by offering Iran a $15 billion line of credit if it was willing to cut a deal with him. A few days after Trump made that offer, someone wiped out half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production capacity with a massive drone strike. Trump is blaming Iran for the attack while offering no evidence to support his claim, and even Saudi Arabia hasn’t (yet) accused Iran of having been responsible.

There are two possibilities here for what happened. The first is that when Trump showed weakness by trying to bribe Iran into a new peace deal, Iran saw an opportunity. It created a worldwide oil shortage by attacking Saudi Arabia, leaving Trump with little choice but to come to the negotiating table with hat in hand, begging Iran to cut a deal so the U.S. can resume buying Iranian oil.

The second possibility is that Iran wasn’t involved with this attack, and the Trump regime is wrongly accusing Iran. In such case, Trump just sabotaged his own negotiating position with Iran for nothing.

It couldn’t be more clear that there is no strategy here. There is no plan. There’s just Donald Trump flailing around like a fish on a sidewalk, gasping for breath, begging one regime after another for a peace deal in the hopes it’ll somehow magically save his presidency, and each regime taking advantage of Trump’s unprecedented weakness by sticking it to him. When Trump said people would get sick of winning, we didn’t know he was talking about America’s adversaries.

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