Sleeping with the enemy

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As chaos and terror permeated the halls of the Capitol on January 6, a phone was ringing. It was the phone of Donald Trump. Nobody could reach him though it seemed like everybody was trying. Frantic texts were being sent, one after the other. And many of the ones trying so hard that day to get the insurrectionist on the phone were Fox non-news pundits.

“This will hurt us all,” Laura Ingraham reportedly texted. “Can he make a statement?” Sean Hannity asked. Brian Kilmeade was also texting him. They knew. They ALL knew. And they covered it up.

If it were up to me, I’d charge all of these non-journalists with conspiracy to incite an insurrection. They’re evil, dishonest, and they support Terrorism because, plain and simple, that is what January 6 was. Do not expect this to change the views of any of their audience.

Why not? Because one has to have critical thinking skills even to GRASP what really happened. The kind of folks who watch Fox know what they’re getting. And these people are not watching because they want honest, ethical news. They are watching — most of them — because they like that the hosts “own the libs.” We’re talking second-grade mentality here if that.

So this will not affect their ratings, I do not believe. But make no mistake, the hate station will regret this.

Any chance of ever being taken seriously again is over. I expect them to go even further right. Fox will not be able to lure big-name quality journalists over their network. None of those folks will want to be embarrassed by appearing on Trump-run propaganda, which Fox is.

They will have no moderators in the Presidential debates. They will be called on less and less at press conferences.

They got their money. They got their viewers. But the one thing they want — and believe me, the higher-ups want it — respect will now permanently allude them. That’s what happens when you sleep with the enemy.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!