House Democrats are closing in on Donald Trump in six different ways at once

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This week the Trump regime will release a dishonestly redacted version of the Mueller report, aimed at making Donald Trump look like less of a criminal than he is. And Trump’s Treasury Department will continue to illegally refuse to release Trump’s tax returns. But even as House Democrats continue fighting a prolonged battle on these two fronts, they’re rapidly closing in on Trump on four other, more easily winnable fronts.

Various House committees are issuing friendly subpoenas to Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Mazars, and Capital One, giving them legal cover to turn over Donald Trump’s financial records – specifically with regard to Trump’s financial interactions with Russia. If the point of obtaining Trump’s tax returns is to follow the money and figure out why he’s so loyal to certain foreign enemies of the United States, then his banking and accounting records can go a long way toward exposing the same.

The big advantage for House Democrats is that, while Trump’s Treasury Department will illegally hold up the release of his tax returns as long as possible, these banks and financial institutions will gladly turn over Trump’s records so they can simply move on. After all, the likes of Capital One and JP Morgan don’t answer to Vladimir Putin; they answer to their shareholders and their own bottom line. The last thing they want is to be caught up in this Trump scandal any longer than necessary.


So even as House Democrats continue to gradually close in on Donald Trump on the two key fronts of the Mueller report and his tax returns, these other four fronts are far more quickly winnable for House Democrats. Keep in mind that this is just what all we know about. It wasn’t publicly revealed until last week that Capital One had been working with House Democrats since early March. How many more financial institutions may be selling Trump out as we speak?

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