Silence of the lambs

Many of you may have heard about the scandal in Mississippi. Mississippi is America’s poorest state. They are a red state, which is crummy because if anyone could use some Democratic leadership, it’s that state.

And Mississippi has been embroiled in what is being called “the welfare scandal.” Millions upon millions of dollars meant for the poor, the needy, and the impoverished — were stolen. The money instead went to the very wealthy. One of the alleged people the funds went to is Brett Favre.

Favre is caught up in this scandal, and the former quarterback denies he knew anything about the crime. Some of the money reportedly went to a new sprawling volleyball stadium at his former college, the University of Southern Mississippi. This scandal has reached beyond Favre and come to encompass many, including politicians and even the Human Services director John Davis who just pleaded guilty to charges of embezzling welfare funds. It is a scandal that has legs.

It is one of the vilest, distasteful, and gross scandals in recent memory. It is an example of why so many do not trust the government. And Democrats have spoken out harshly about this scandal. “It’s like Robin Hood in reverse,” said Democratic Representative Bernie Thompson. But where is the GOP on this issue?

Well — nowhere. The GOP is silent as they are on so much. They are silent on abortion (with the notable exception of Lindsey Graham.) They do not want to be asked about abortion or anything really, which is why so many are skipping debates.

They are silent on their platform, which Kevin McCarthy idiotically posted before realizing what he did and “password protecting” the website. They are silent on the issue of poverty. They claim to have answers but do not bring forth ANY.

What are their plans? So many in the GOP express faux outrage about the high prices of goods and services. Well, what are THEIR plans? Do they even have any? I’d venture to guess not.
It is the silence of the lambs– lambs terrified to say ANYTHING lest the American people see how they’re trying to “get one over” on their own voters.

It is the silence of fools, lost in corrupt darkness, omnipresent in their fake rage but offering zilch as answers to any problems.
It is the silence of losers — losers who are careening toward the midterms like lambs to the slaughter, with no platform, no plans and nothing at all to say about anything.