We told you William Barr forced to Robert Mueller to prematurely shut down his investigation

Shortly after William Barr first released his obviously fictional “summary” of the Mueller report several weeks ago, Palmer Report looked at the underlying circumstances and concluded that Barr had likely forced Robert Mueller to prematurely end his investigation. Since that time, more clues have gradually emerged to that end. Sure enough, a major news outlet is now reporting that this is indeed what happened.

During her MSNBC show on Monday night, Rachel Maddow revealed that NBC News is working on a story about how William Barr forced Robert Mueller to shut down his probe. She didn’t provide any details, and she said that the full story could take another day or two to make it out the door. But based on what’s already publicly known, it’s not difficult to piece together the general parameters.

The first big clue came when it was revealed in federal court hearings that Robert Mueller’s grand jury was still intact, even though Mueller and his team were off the job. This raised questions about why Mueller would quit when there were more indictments still coming, as grand juries only remain empaneled for the purpose of bringing additional indictments. The second big clue was that Mueller’s longstanding and apparently crucial Supreme Court fight against a foreign government-owned mystery company is still ongoing and near nearly complete, raising the question of why Mueller would file his “final report” without this important information, when he was so close to obtaining it.

Palmer Report was also dumbfounded last month when we found an error in the Mueller report, which stated that the Trump Tower Moscow deal ran through the summer of 2016, when Rudy Giuliani had recently confessed in public that the deal actually ran through election day in 2016. This strongly suggested that the Mueller report was finalized in haste, without time for a thorough final review by Mueller’s team, which in turn suggested that Mueller was abruptly given a short deadline for turning his report in.

From the way Maddow described it tonight, it sounds like NBC News has specific inside information about how William Barr forcibly shut Robert Mueller’s team down. We’ll have to wait for that story to be published to find out the full context. But it’s going to tell us a lot about why Mueller didn’t bring certain charges, and why he didn’t investigate certain avenues: he wasn’t done with his investigation when Barr essentially fired him. This could end up being an even bigger bombshell than Mueller’s letter exposing that Barr lied about the Mueller report with his summary.

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