Shove Donald Trump out the back door

How bad are things in America? That depends on who you’re listening to. If you’ve listened to Fox News over the past few weeks, you’d likely be continuing with your normal routine. If you’ve listened to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, there’s little chance that you would be prepared for the current pandemic. McCarthy not only downplayed the severity of the virus, but also went racist in calling it a C”hinese Coronavirus.”

“Is it appropriate? Well I know it’s not appropriate. It just seems inappropriate for the President of the United States to be like e a commentator of a sports game about the health of Americans,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper stated on Friday night in reference to Donald Trump’s remarks during his earlier press conference. The fact that we continue to have Republican Congressmen promoting the racist remarks of a belligerent and incompetent leader of the free world speaks volumes.

The fact that Trump and his cronies continue to call it the “Chinese virus” is disgusting. Yet this attempt to create a diversion does nothing to change the fact that Trump’s administration is failing in every aspect of this crisis. When a country is presented with a national disaster, we can only hope for a competent leadership. Sadly, America has not been in that position for over three years.


While we continue to be ambushed by daily episodes of Trump’s attempt to manipulate the stock market, we are sick and tired of it. Every word Trump says results in a drop in the stock market. Each word out of his mouth can be equated to a proportional decrease in my life savings. In order to save ourselves, and our 401ks, we must ensure that we do everything in our power to remove Trump.

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