Shouting match erupts involving Dr. Fauci, Peter Navarro, and Jared Kushner

Donald Trump is holding a last minute press briefing right now, because he wanted to preempt the press briefing that Joe Biden is holding right now. That alone is alarming. The fact that Dr. Fauci isn’t on the stage today is even more alarming, considering he’s standing off to the side of the room. It turns out there’s good reason for it.

After MSNBC cut away from Donald Trump’s disastrous briefing, an Axios reporter revealed on-air that a fight had broken out behind the scenes. Trump’s stooge of an adviser Peter Navarro was pushing false information, Dr. Fauci told him it was false information, and so Navarro started shouting at him uncontrollably. Jared Kushner then supposedly broke up the argument and played peacemaker – which makes us suspect that Kushner is the one who leaked this story to the media, trying to make himself look good in the process.

In any case, this is all highly disturbing. The President of the United States is holding a press conference for no legitimate reason, and his top medical expert isn’t on the stage after a shouting match took place behind closed doors. This is… there are no words.

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