Donald Trump just completely short circuited

It was sometime after midnight. Donald Trump tweeted a twenty-second video which zoomed in on Jerry Nadler while Nancy Pelosi was speaking, and ended with a cutaway to Trump insisting that the Democrats had nothing on him. It was as strange as it was incoherent as it was stupid. It was the second time he’d posted the idiotic clip in a day and a half. And it was the moment in which Trump finally went fully around the bend.

It wasn’t that Donald Trump posted this embarrassingly dumb video clip in isolation. He’d spent all day tweeting one increasingly depraved thing after another. He went on and on about how much he hated Congressman Elijah Cummings. He kept hurling racist stereotypes and thinly veiled Nazi language at the city of Baltimore. He repeatedly attacked Robert Mueller. At no point did Trump come close to a rational thought.

As the evening went on, Trump just kept ramping up his absurd behavior, like a psychologically unstable employee who just figured out he’s eventually going to get fired, and has decided to let go of what little effort he had been making at behaving himself. In fact that’s pretty much what happened. The House Judiciary Committee’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry on Friday seems to have sent a signal to Trump that he’s not long for this presidency anyway, and that there’s no longer any reason for him to listen to those around him who have been telling him to keep his psychotic behavior tamped down.

This impeachment inquiry comes even as Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal gets uglier by the day, as Mueller reminds us that Trump will be indicted on federal charges the minute he’s out of office, and as the New York Attorney General keeps hinting that state level charges may be coming before that. No wonder Trump is tweeting like he’s already lost. Even in his broken psychology, he knows where this is headed for him.

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