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“With darkness comes light.” Believe it or not, those words were posted by Donald Trump on Truth Social. The man had another meltdown (What else is new?) I will not bother quoting from this Trump diatribe except for these four words: “With darkness comes light.”

Trump predicted a dark period is coming in American history but “with darkness comes light.” He was obviously referring to himself as the light. What a joke. I say Trump got it wrong. The dark has departed. We are living in light.

The dark period- the darkest of the days — when millions of tears painted our grounds with sadness- has come and gone. That was the period when Donald Trump was president. And those days were pretty damn dark.

And he is right. With darkness comes light. But the morning’s light, in this case, arrived when President Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, defeating the dark and ushering in the brightness.

Trump tried to keep the darkness in plain sight. He instigated an insurrection. He was going down and wanted to take the country down with him. But the darkest hour is always before Dawn. We had our Dawn as sunlight broke through the clouds, and the darkness was no more. It is funny that trump wrote these words. “With darkness comes light.”

Trump misunderstands the light, the beauty of the Dawn, and the morning’s welcome.
He is posting all of this now because of Jack Smith. And because of the January sixth committee. And the fact that the sun is out but not for him.

For Donald Trump, there will be no light. Sometimes the darkness stays. For insurrectionists and traitors who try to bring down the beautiful thing that is America, the darkness promises to be evermore.

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