Was Donald Trump’s Ronny Jackson nomination a setup all along?

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There’s the old routine where the guy slips on a banana peel, drops everything he’s holding, takes a tumble, somehow lands on his feet, and everything he was holding lands back in his hands. The odds of it working out that way are so infinitesimal that when you see it happen, you’re left asking if the whole thing was carefully orchestrated. That’s the question I’m left asking when it comes to Donald Trump’s nomination of Ronny Jackson and the situation that’s resulted with Senator Jon Tester.

Trump’s nomination of Ronny Jackson was a disaster from the start. Jackson was never going to get the votes. He was sunk even before someone tipped off the Senate committee vetting him that there were alleged troubles in his personal life. Trump made one of the dumbest nominations of all time, and then he had terrible luck on top of it. Yet the result of all this is that Trump now has something to hit Tester over the head with as he heads into a tricky reelection race that could swing the balance of power in the Senate in November.

The mainstream media says it has twenty or more witnesses confirming that Ronny Jackson was doing everything from drinking on the job to inappropriately handing out prescription drugs. But a couple of the accusations were oddly specific, involving Jackson crashing a car and banging on a woman’s door, with the Secret Service having supposedly been involved in both instances. Now that the Secret Service is denying these incidents ever happened, the car crash and banging on the door both feel like fake accusations that someone manufactured, just so they could be disproven.

When you consider that Jon Tester is a Democrat in a red state, and that he’s arguably the only Democratic Senator who’s vulnerable in November, you have to ask what the odds are of all this being a coincidence. Trump nominated a guy who was guaranteed to fail, but who was going to be vetted by a committee where Tester plays a powerful role. Tester then got fed all these accusations about the nominee, some of which appear to be true, and all of which he was duty bound to investigate, and two of those accusations just happened to be tailor made to be disproven, but not until after Tester was married to it.

If Donald Trump nominated Ronny Jackson to run the VA, just so he could leak a mix of true and false claims about Jackson to Jon Tester, just so some of those accusations could be disproven, just so Trump could then attack Tester for having supposedly smeared Jackson, in order to create a scandal for Tester as he heads into reelection, then whoever came up with it is brilliantly evil. Trump isn’t half that smart. He doesn’t seem to have any remaining advisers smart enough to have come up with it. But either Trump saw a stupid move turn into a monumentally lucky break, or someone masterminded this to work out the way it did.

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