Donald Trump’s senility is worsening

When someone close to Donald Trump admitted to the media last week that his late 2019 Walter Reed visit was for a serious yet unspecified health crisis, Trump turned around and insisted that he hadn’t had a “series of mini-strokes” – just giving away that he apparently had a series of mini-strokes.

The real problem is that Trump may have had one or more strokes. It’s that he covered it up from the American people, and that his public appearances throughout 2020 have consistently revealed that he’s suffering from obvious physical and cognitive decline. Here’s the thing: it seems to be getting even worse.

Yesterday alone, Donald Trump vowed to appoint “pro-crime judges” in his second term, and then he went on to insist that he founded the Air Force. His press conferences over the past two weeks have sounded like the ramblings of the Unabomber. If your aging relative were behaving the way Trump is now behaving, you’d be pushing for a medical intervention.

Every time Donald Trump speaks, he’s more incoherent than the last. His words keep getting stranger. His behavior keeps getting stranger. Whatever is wrong with him, it’s certainly not getting better. This guy is supposed to be in the fight of his life, and yet he’s falling to pieces. With his poll numbers as bad as ever and the clock ticking to election day, Trump is running out of time to convince people to give him a second chance – and instead of making a coherent case, Trump’s senility is merely growing worse.

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