Donald Trump is even more senile than we thought

Donald Trump tried to come off as big and bad and scary this morning when he threatened to have either the FEC or the FCC – he doesn’t appear to know the difference – remove Saturday Night Live from the airwaves. In the process, he gave away that he’s even further gone than we thought.

Why is Donald Trump ranting about Saturday Night Live? Because it was on the air last night, and he watched it, like he always does. The trouble: he must not have realized it was a rerun from last December. Okay, so maybe he just didn’t see it the first time it aired, so he thought it was new. But he didn’t catch on that this was an SNL Christmas episode. Even though the opening sketch had a Christmas theme. Even though the opening monologue referenced the holiday season. Even though the Weekend Update jokes were about events that happened three months ago.

Again, this is a guy who was so triggered by last night’s SNL episode, he woke up this morning, and called for the Federal Communications Commission and (somehow) the Federal Election Commission to retaliate against the show, all while not being able to figure out that this was an old Christmas episode, or remember that he had already watched it three months ago.

Sure, this is a small thing in comparison to everything else that’s wrong, objectionable, unfit, and scary about this guy. But it perfectly encapsulates just how far gone he is, and how utterly absurd it is that the Republican Senate is thus far unwilling to go along with impeachment and removal.