Senile Donald Trump gets cornered on the witness stand

Donald Trump’s worsening senility is the story of 2023, even if the major media outlets are still just barely dancing around the edges of it. Trump keeps revealing that his cognitive decline is so severe, he’s not even in a position to try to save himself from his legal troubles. Nor is anyone as senile as him going to be relevant in the next election.

Trump’s senility loomed large while he was on the witness stand today. When Trump was asked whether he was involved in preparing his company’s financial statements in 2021, he claimed he as President – and not in the “I secretly won reelection” way. Instead he claimed he was “busy in the White House, focusing on Russia and China and keeping our country safe.”

That’s right, Trump is so far gone, he doesn’t even know which years he was in the White House. And it’s not as if this is a matter of simple forgetfulness of some long ago timeframe; we’re talking about where Trump was just two years ago.

Of course we’ll hear all the usual contrarian hot takes about how Trump is faking senility in order to get himself off the legal hook. But this is a silly notion in too many ways to count. First, Trump obviously isn’t faking it; just look at how far gone he is in public appearance after public appearance. Second, this kind of senility doesn’t get you off the legal hook or keep you out of prison. Additionally, if Trump becomes widely seen as senile, his political future is obviously over.