Donald Trump sells out

It seems pretty clear at this point: we have a Russian puppet in the White House. As this presidency evolves towards its hopeful demise, it also seems that Putin isn’t the only dictator pulling the strings. Trump’s close family and fiscal connection to Saudi Arabia may have reached its tipping point. Trump has danced back and forth with angry talk about Iran, and Americans feel the pending threat of another Middle East war – and that is not a popular notion.

As Trump claims that we are now “locked and loaded” and “waiting to hear from the kingdom”, it is absolutely necessary to ask why. No U.S. personnel or facilities were targeted, and Trump awaits “orders” from the Saudi Prince. The uproar has been loud, and many are attempting to remind Trump that there is no imminent threat to the United States and the U.S. military is not act authorized to act on behalf of another country (even if they spend millions on his hotels). Trump responded with his declaration that he does not want war and that the Saudis would be providing payment if we decide to “do something.”

Is that what has become of the greatest military in the world? We wait for orders from an overseas ruler and then send our soldiers in as mercenaries to do the bidding of a violent nation responsible for the murder and dismemberment of a journalist? The CIA clearly placed blame on Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in spite of Trump’s continued support. While Congress, not the president, is empowered to declare war, Trump has trampled on Constitutional norms since taking office.

Donald Trump has yet to show any compelling evidence proving Iranian responsibility, and it is not clear that the US should step in and get us involved in another endless mid-east war. Trump declared it necessary to protect Saudi Arabia as they spend billions of dollars in the United States. The Saudis paying “cash” is not a reason to go to war. We can only imagine how much of that ended up in the Trump family pockets.

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