Donald Trump is self destructing

– Imagine being so fragile and insecure, your babysitters have to feed you fake cheery poll numbers just to keep you from falling completely to pieces. Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the biggest loser.

– What’s surreal is that Trump can’t seem to make up his mind whether he believes the imaginary good poll numbers his people are feeding him, or the ugly real poll numbers he’s hearing while binge watching cable news. It’s as if his pliable mind is being pulled back and forth between the reality that his life is basically over, and the fantasy that it’s all going to somehow magically work out for him.

– It’s more clear than ever that the people around Trump are less interested in helping him find a way to win and save himself, and more interested in simply keeping him sated while he takes things in the most self defeating direction possible.


– Tweet of the day, from former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich: “So let me get this straight: wearing a mask to save lives during a pandemic should be a personal choice, but what a woman does with her own body should be mandated by the government?”

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