Donald Trump just saw his own future – and he doesn’t like it

Twitter recently suspended an angry bigoted old white man, long accused of being a sexual predator, because he tried to incite violence against his political adversaries. No, it wasn’t Donald Trump. Instead it was actor and infamous Trump supporter James Woods. Now Trump is obsessively painting Woods as a victim, and not just because Woods is his ally. It’s because Trump knows he’s next.

Based on Twitter’s stated rules and track record of enforcing those rules, Donald Trump would have been permanently banned by now if not for the fact that he’s currently occupying the office of President of the United States. His tweets in support of Nazis and white supremacists, his attempts at inciting violence, his use of slurs, his targeted harassment, and other factors would made his account go poof a long time ago. But Trump won’t be afforded this unique level of tweet-privilege for much longer.

As things now stand, with Donald Trump’s approval rating severely underwater, and polls pointing to him losing in 2020 to nearly any opponent, Trump is on track to get blown out in his reelection bid. As Nancy Pelosi reminded us today, outside forces can only pull off rigging an election if it’s close to begin with. Plenty can change in a year and a half, and everyone who wants Trump gone should be focused on running up the score against him in 2020. But if things stay the way they are, he’ll lose in a historical blowout – and there’s probably a small part of his otherwise delusional brain that understands this.

If Donald Trump is indeed ousted in the 2020 election – or at the rate his criminal scandals are exploding, perhaps even sooner through implosion and impeachment, Twitter will stop giving him special treatment when it comes to breaking the rules. In fact society will largely stop caring what he has to say. Overnight, Donald Trump will become just another James Woods – irrelevant outside of his own small circle, and subject to the same rules that the rest of us all have to follow. Trump is taking Woods’ downfall personally, because he knows he’s looking at his own eventual fate, and he doesn’t like it.

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