Donald Trump posts second hurricane map, and it’s a bunch of horse crap too

Yesterday, Donald Trump did one of the most pointlessly embarrassing things that any President of the United States has ever done when he went on live television and pointed to a hurricane map that he’d clumsily doctored with a Sharpie, in the hope of “proving” that he was correct when he said Hurricane Dorian would hit the state of Alabama hard. Then he made it worse.

After everyone outside of his braindead base laughed hysterically at his fake hurricane map, Donald Trump did what he always does: he dug himself an even deeper hole. He tweeted a map that showed the faintest of barely-there hurricane bands pushing slightly into Alabama, and demanded that the “fake news” apologize to him.

That’s all well and good, except that the second map was also a bunch of horse crap. It doesn’t appear that he went so far as to doctor this map, but various experts and observers have pointed out that the map’s date stamp was from several days before Trump insisted that the hurricane was going to hit Alabama hard, by which time the map looked entirely different. Also, the map had a disclaimer right on it which said that it shouldn’t be used in place of official National Hurricane Center data.

Donald Trump just keeps digging himself a deeper, and more delusional, hole. Right about now he’s probably watching cable news, seeing his terrible poll numbers, crossing them out with a Sharpie, and writing his own imaginary poll numbers on his TV screen. The guy needs medical attention.

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