Donald Trump has complete meltdown on Sean Hannity show

Donald Trump spent most of the day saying nothing at all on Twitter, raising questions about whether the day’s ugly revelations about him had stunned him into silence. But Trump then tried to make up for it by calling in to Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News tonight, and let’s just say that it didn’t go particularly well for Trump.

Donald Trump insisted that Joe Biden has been “in the basement for a long time … they are leaving him there, and at some point he’s going to have to come out for air.” Meanwhile back in the real world, Biden gave a major speech in Pennsylvania today. It’s as if Trump didn’t even know that the Biden speech happened, which is weird considering Fox News carried the speech live. Was Trump too passed out today to even watch Fox?

Trump also insisted that the coronavirus, which is seeing record new numbers of cases in several red states, is “going to fade away.” This is a return to the bonkers rhetoric that Trump was spewing back in February and March, when he was pretending that the coronavirus crisis wasn’t going to happen. Trump also claimed that his border wall is somehow magically stopping the coronavirus from traveling from Tijuana to California; this is of course absurd. Trump claimed we’re very close to having a vaccine, when this is not the case.

Donald Trump also used his Hannity appearance to suggest that the late Rayshard Brooks may have pointed a gun at the police officer who killed him; in reality there is no evidence or reporting to this effect. What stood out is that even with Sean Hannity trying to give Trump the most softball interview of all time, Trump still sounded fairly frantic and completely clueless.

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