So this explains Sean Hannity’s crime spree

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For the past couple years we’ve all seen Sean Hannity using his nightly Fox News show to push largely fictional pro-Trump narratives. The things is, though, Hannity has taken things much further than that. He’s spoken at Trump rallies. He’s inserted himself in the Trump-Cohen felony crime spree. It’s never made sense why Hannity, who seems to know he’s an idiot, felt comfortable being this blatant about it – until now.

Sure, we all know Fox News is corrupt. But Sean Hannity really put himself out there, to the point that he’s risked his career and even his freedom by getting personally tangled up with Donald Trump’s criminal regime. Put another way: even the other corrupt pro-Trump hosts on Fox News haven’t gotten this tangled with Trump.

The thing about idiots like Hannity is that they usually only feel confident about trying to get away with what they see others getting away with. Sure enough, it turns out Hannity’s boss Rupert Murdoch was even more personally entangled with Donald Trump. We learned from the New Yorker today that Murdoch killed a Fox News story during the election about Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels, because he wanted Trump to win. Fox also fed a debate question to Trump in advance.

Rupert Murdoch is evil, but he isn’t stupid. While prosecutors will dig in to determine whether he crossed the line and committed an actual crime in all this, it’s a safe bet that Murdoch at least tried to cover his tracks. The trouble for Sean Hannity is that he is stupid. He saw his boss playing footsie with Trump, so he took it as a sign that he could do it too. But Hannity landed himself right in the middle of the Trump-Cohen scandal, and he may well end up facing criminal penalties for it.

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