SDNY moves in on Donald Trump’s family

We saw it coming earlier in the week. It started with the mention of Trump Organization “Executive 2” being criminally implicated in an SDNY court filing in relation to the Trump-Cohen hush money conspiracy. It wasn’t difficult to parse that this individual had to be one of Donald Trump’s three most prominent kids, because there were no other Trump Organization executives. Now the SDNY is pushing the issue much harder.

This evening MSNBC flashed this news across the chyron: “Feds looking at whether Trump Org. execs were involved in payments to women.” Apart from Donald Trump, the only people who were Trump Organization executives at the time of these payments were Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, and Ivanka Trump. The source of this news flash could only be SDNY itself. So what’s happening here?

The SDNY has been taking incremental steps to make clear to Donald Trump that it’s targeting his family. The previous filing told Trump that the Feds knew at least one of his kids was involved in the felonious hush money. Now it’s being explicitly stated that one or more of his kids is being specifically targeted. Of course Trump knows which kid or kids were involved, because he gave the order to begin with. So now Trump knows that there’s a very finite amount of time before SDNY starts arresting his family.

So why telegraph this, as opposed to employing the element of surprise? The point isn’t simply to lock up Donald Trump’s kids, although they’ll certainly end up in front of a judge and jury eventually. The point here is to get Trump to realize that his illegitimate presidency is over and he has to swiftly resign and lose a lot, or else he’ll lose everything. Look for SDNY to keep zeroing in on Trump’s kids in the coming hours and days.