SDNY just gave the finger to Donald Trump

The DOJ officially acknowledged today that the sham criminal probe into Donald Trump’s longtime nemesis Andrew McCabe has been dropped. This confirms Bill Barr was full of it when he leaked to the media a few months ago that McCabe was supposedly being indicted. Of course this comes even as Barr is attempting to meddle in the Roger Stone case.

The thing is, Bill Barr doesn’t have a magic wand. He’s actually been quite bumbling, if certainly felonious, in how he’s been screwing with these cases. Now the SDNY is giving Barr and Donald Trump a conspicuously timed middle finger.

The Feds at the SDNY just leaked to the Washington Post that they’re still going full speed ahead in the criminal case against Rudy Giuliani. Why do this? The SDNY must figure that it’s best move is to publicly document that it has a strong case against Giuliani, so as to make it harder for Barr to shut it down.

This is notable, considering Bill Barr oversees the SDNY. But he couldn’t stop the SDNY from arresting Rudy Giuliani’ co-conspirators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, so it’s not shocking that the SDNY believes it can stop Barr from meddling in the Rudy case too.

The reality is that, for all his sleight of hand tricks aimed at convincing Donald Trump that he’s helping him, Bill Barr just doesn’t have the muscle. Barr’s inability to lay a glove on Andrew McCabe is a reminder that while he is Trump’s most effective henchman, even he’s not very good at this.

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