Scott Walker melts down after Democrats win big in his state of Wisconsin

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There is a VERY angry ex-governor right now. This man is hemorrhaging rage. And his anger is aimed at young voters. This man is called Scott Walker. He is the former Governor of Wisconsin.

Long ago, he was considered the last great hope of the Republican Party. They wanted him to run for President. Until he actually DID, and the whole world saw what an inept, terrible candidate he was.

And now Scott is raging! His rage is flying out of him, heading west, east, north, and south. It is no doubt one of the worst moments of his life. It’s the moment the republicans in Wisconsin lost some of their power as Democrats took back the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

You see, Walker was a corrupt and terrible governor who enacted legislation to help strip democrats of any power at all. The “Walker years,” as many call them, was the moment in time that Wisconsin started on a downward dog.

Many even moved out of the state. There can be no doubt that Scott Walker was one of the worst governors this country has ever seen. And Walker appears crestfallen that the Democrats won in Wisconsin. So he offered up fiery words, accusing voters of being engaged in “radical indoctrination.”

Have you noted, readers, how much projection the GOP does? They’re the ones, of course, who seek to indoctrinate people into their barbaric ways. All we want is to help people. Scott apparently cannot cope with our win. Because on Thursday, he tweeted his outrage at young voters and school campuses, whom he blamed for this indoctrination.

Walker also says the GOP must counter this indoctrination, or they’ll never win again. I like this last part — about the GOP never winning again. And Walker has it wrong, as usual. Please show me a time any Republican had it RIGHT.

I’m sure — I’m positive that many voters when casting their votes, thought about Scott Walker. I’m sure because many Wisconsinites had said that is when the true misery in their state started.

Walker ran his state with excellent incompetence, gerrymandering the shit out of it and engaging in behavior that turned many a stomach.

Walker, in his tweeting, did not offer any solutions on how to win young voters back. That is likely because he doesn’t have any. And he sees the writing on the wall. That’s where his rage comes from. He sees the writing on the wall — that the GOP is on its way to being extinct.

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