Score one for Joe Biden and the Democrats


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Diabetes is a real problem in this country. About 37.3 million people in America have this illness.

And contrary to what former and failed Georgia candidate Herschel Walker said, it is not because people have poor diets. That may be true in some cases but genetics plays a huge role. I know plenty of people with diabetes who are some of the healthiest eaters around.

And medication in this country has been really expensive, diabetes medication included. Still, now there is good news for millions of people all over this country who suffer from this disease.

Eli Lilly pharmaceutical company has just announced they will cap diabetes medication’s at $35. And this is set to take place pretty soon.

We can thank President Biden and the Democrats for this. President Biden included this cap in the inflation reduction act, and Democrats have been arguing for a cap on diabetes medication for a very long time. As you likely know, Republicans have been arguing against it.

But Eli Lilly is now going to offer much relief to people all across the country. This is going to be a huge help for anyone taking this type of medication and will save them a lot of money. I can’t even stress what great news this is.

And this shows that activism works! President Biden tweeted out his appreciation to Eli Lilly and also recommended that other pharmaceutical companies follow in their footsteps.



It will be interesting to see Republicans’ reaction to this. Because Republicans seem to be on the other side of this issue, this news may be met with moans and groans from the not-so-grand old party. It doesn’t matter. This is a major win. This is a cause for celebration. Thanks go to Eli Lilly, President Biden, and the Democratic Party.


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