Score another one for Joe Biden

At a time when Republicans are having difficulty trying to attack Bidenomics – much less come up with an accurate definition of what it stands for – or one that they can make sound frightening to anyone who isn’t already on the fringes of the far right – they’re getting some even worse news.

Of course, bad news for these people is generally good news for the country as a whole (Republican voters included), as inflation has rapidly begun to drop, with the prices of fuel and groceries rising at their lowest rate since March 2021.

Just a year ago, prices were rising at 9.1% – an all-time high before inflation began curbing. A popular fear that the media tried to spur was the possibility of a recession some time in 2022 – that would have to happen in order to bring down high inflation.

That never happened, and employment continues to climb, as the Biden economy proves that the key to a strong economy is a strong middle class – with a record number of jobs compared to any other administration in history. It’s why we need to vote Democrat down the ballot in 2023 and 2024. Why would we ever want to go back to where we were just four short years ago?