Here’s the thing about Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for Governor of Arkansas

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now running for Governor of Arkansas in 2022, according to multiple major news outlets. No, you read that right. She’s not the only prominent Republican running in the race, and we don’t think her odds of making it out of the primary are great. But here’s the thing.

We all watched Sarah Huckabee Sanders commit felony obstruction of justice from the White House briefing room podium. Robert Mueller could have stopped this if he’d done his job by charging her for it. Instead he served up some ridiculous excuse for not charging any of Trump’s people with obstruction.

Mueller’s unwillingness to take action, when he still had a chance, will continue to haunt us for years to come. Sure, Trump might have pardoned Huckabee Sanders to keep her out of prison, but that would have pretty much derailed her political ambitions. Now, because Mueller didn’t do his job, we’ll have to sit through the ridiculousness of Huckabee Sanders running for Governor, and the outside chance she’ll win.

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