Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a whole new problem

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What happens when you lie to the American people about an obstruction of justice matter while standing at the White House podium, and then you privately admit to prosecutors that the things you’d said were untrue? Eventually, everyone finds out that you confessed. That’s the situation White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders now finds herself in – and it keeps getting worse for her.

After Donald Trump committed felony obstruction of justice by firing FBI Director James Comey to try to make the Trump-Russia investigation go away, Sarah Huckabee Sanders stood at the podium and claimed that she’d heard from numerous people within the FBI who thought the firing was justified. She wasn’t under oath when she made that statement, but she was under penalty of perjury when she was asked about it by Robert Mueller’s team, so she admitted that she never heard from any such people.

Sanders told Mueller’s team that she had made a “slip of the tongue” in the “heat of the moment,” and we’ll give her points for confessing to her lie in rather creative fashion. But you can’t admit you lied to the American people about a criminal matter and still continue to be White House Press Secretary, so respected White House correspondent April Ryan called for Sanders to resign yesterday. This prompted the hashtag #ResignSarahSanders to trend on Twitter for most of the day.

While numerous White House advisers helped Donald Trump commit felony obstruction of justice in plain sight, most of them have since resigned or been fired, so their antics have been largely forgotten about. The trouble for Sarah Huckabee Sanders is that she’s one of the few senior White House advisers Donald Trump has left. This means she’s facing the brunt of the blowback. She must resign, of course. But Trump must resign as well.

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