House GOP begins running away from sinking Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives today. House Republicans lost their eight year long majority, thanks in large part to the toxic unpopularity of career criminal and illegitimate president Donald Trump. So what’s the House GOP doing about it? Some of them are immediately running away from Trump, and they’re doing it with their votes, not just their words.

As expected, the newly Democratic controlled House passed two bills tonight. One of them would reopen most of the federal government without any funding for Donald Trump’s border wall. The other would reopen the entire federal government without any funding for the wall. Here’s the kicker: seven House Republicans voted for the former, and five House Republicans voted for the latter. In so doing, these Republicans staked themselves to the notion that reopening the government is more important than Trump’s wall.

This is remarkable, because even though some House Republicans have spoken up against Donald Trump and his policies from time to time, they’ve never wanted to vote against him. But now five, and arguably seven, House Republicans are throwing Trump under the bus in an attempt at insulating themselves from the fallout from Trump’s shutdown stunt.

Democrats and liberals are not going to award these seven House Republicans any points for finally standing up slightly to Donald Trump after two years of having rubber stamped his every absurd move. But the big picture here is that the House GOP has begun running away from Trump – and that means Trump suddenly has yet another problem on his hands.

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