Rudy Giuliani gives away what Robert Mueller is about to hit Donald Trump and Paul Manafort with tonight

Sometime before the day is over, Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be filing his sentencing memos for Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort. By all accounts, Cohen will get off comparatively lightly for cooperating, while Manafort will have the book thrown at him. Now Donald Trump’s own attorney Rudy Giuliani is giving away what Mueller is about to hit Manafort and Trump with tonight.

For reasons known only to him, Rudy Giuliani is spilling the beans – and it doesn’t look good for Donald Trump at all. Rudy is telling CNN that Robert Mueller believes Paul Manafort lied to him about Trump having known about the meeting that Trump Jr had with the Russians at Trump Tower during the election. Rudy is a frequent liar, but this is the kind of damning thing against his client that he wouldn’t make up, so this is ostensibly true. Where would Rudy know this from? Presumably from Manafort, who is in league with Team Trump. So where does this get us?

Robert Mueller is so sure Paul Manafort is lying, he ripped up their cooperating plea deal, knowing he would then have to convince a judge that Manafort is lying. This means Mueller has proof that Donald Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting. How would he know this? The most likely source would be Michael Cohen, who by all accounts has been extraordinarily helpful.

Michael Cohen’s credibility as a witness is shot, because he’s admitted to having previously lied about so many things in this scandal. So this suggests to us that Cohen was able to provide some kind of documentation proving that Trump knew. Could it be one of Cohen’s numerous recorded phone calls?

We’ll find out soon enough, as Robert Mueller has to file the Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort documents today. Unless Rudy Giuliani is simply hallucinating, we’re looking at Mueller using the two filings to reveal that Donald Trump knew about the meeting. This comes after Trump almost certainly lied about this in his written answers, which would be a felony.

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