Rudy Giuliani throws complete fit after social media takedown

Even though Donald Trump has been banned from every major social media platform including Twitter, his insurrection co-conspirator Rudy Giuliani still has his social media accounts. However, it appears that’s beginning to change.

Rudy Giuliani made a lengthy and largely incoherent video complaining about the supposed censorship against Trump. Rudy’s video was so full of damaging false information, YouTube ended up taking it down. Now Rudy is melting down on Twitter, insisting that “This Has NEVER OCCURRED In U.S. History!” Well okay then.


Interestingly, YouTube removed Steve Bannon’s insurrectionist YouTube channel after Rudy Giuliani appeared as a guest and spread election falsehoods. Of course if Rudy hates not being able to spread lies on YouTube now, he’ll hate it even more once he gets arrested after Trump is gone.

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