Rudy Giuliani screws up badly after getting subpoenaed

On Monday afternoon, three House committees subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani as part of the House impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump’s whistleblower scandal. All eyes were then on Rudy to see what he would say or do in response. At first he limited his reaction to a bizarre tweet accusing President Obama of being in on the fake Biden scandal. But then Rudy went on the Hannity show on Fox News last night and screwed up in substantive fashion.

During his largely incoherent TV appearance last night, Rudy Giuliani revealed that he has tapes and audio recordings in relation to the Ukraine scandal. Of course in Rudy’s deluded mind, these recordings exonerate him and incriminate Joe Biden. But back in the real world, these recordings surely incriminate Rudy, Trump, and other people in the Trump regime.

The thing is, now that Rudy has admitted that he has these recordings, the House knows to zero in on them as part of its subpoena. Rudy is just lucid enough to understand that if he changes his mind about the tapes and refuses to turn them over or destroys them, he’ll go down for obstruction of justice once Trump is gone. This means Rudy has to turn over these audio recordings.


So there you have it. House Democrats subpoenaed Rudy Giuliani, knowing full well that he would respond by immediately screwing up in a way that made things easier for them. Sure enough it only took Rudy a few hours to go on live national television and admit to possessing evidence that the House didn’t even know existed.

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