Looks like Michael Cohen just sent Rudy Giuliani to prison

Earlier today, Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen provided testimony that probably just sent Donald Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow to prison for suborning perjury. Now, in a separate but similar storyline, it looks like Cohen has also just sent Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani to prison.

Rudy Giuliani apparently sent two other unnamed lawyers to approach Michael Cohen after his office was raided by the FBI, in an effort at preventing Cohen from cooperating with prosecutors, according to a new report from ABC News. The report doesn’t explicitly say as much, but it’s fairly clear that this story is a result of Cohen having sold Giuliani out for it. This comes one day after the Wall Street Journal separately reported that Giuliani dangled a pardon at Cohen after the raid. Why is this such a big deal?

In short, Rudy Giuliani committed felony obstruction of justice by telling Michael Cohen that he would end up being pardoned if he refused to cooperate with the investigation. Perhaps more importantly, Rudy dragged these other two unnamed attorneys into his conspiracy to obstruct justice, and the odds are good that they’ll cut plea deals against Rudy in order to avoid going to prison. This is on top of whatever evidence and testimony Cohen has provided about this incident.

This means Rudy Giuliani is definitely going to prison, unless he cuts a plea deal of his own against Donald Trump. One thing to keep in mind: there is no attorney-client privilege when an attorney and client conspire to commit crimes together, so Rudy can easily testify against Trump on this and other similar matters.