Rudy Giuliani panics and deletes tweet after realizing he just admitted how screwed he is

When Rudy Giuliani’s home was raided this week, the doomsday pundits insisted that Rudy had still “gotten away with it all” because Bill Barr had delayed the raid long enough for Rudy to somehow magically destroy all the evidence. But as Palmer Report explained at the time, nothing works that way, as the Feds tend to obtain someone’s electronic commutations from service providers long before a raid takes place.

Sure enough, Rudy admitted in a tweet on Thursday that he was indeed screwed, as the Feds informed him during the raid that they had already obtained his electronic communications from service providers dating back to 2019. Rudy thought he was establishing himself as some kind of victim. But of course the Feds surely had a warrant when they approached his service providers, so there’s no scandal here. All that Rudy did was admit that how screwed he is.

Now, notably, Rudy Giuliani deleted the tweet in question. Ostensibly, his lawyer advised him that it was a bad idea to openly admit that the Feds had him nailed to the wall from an evidence standpoint. Deleting the tweet is a panic move on Rudy’s part, and it shows that he knows how screwed he truly is.

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