No wonder Rudy Giuliani is so nervous

Two weeks ago, Palmer Report pointed out that Rudy Giuliani was suddenly sounding very, very nervous about the FBI. In fact he went so far as to publicly warn Donald Trump and the Republican Party about messing with the FBI. It was clear that Giuliani, who used to brag about his FBI connections before he got caught up in scandal, was worried that he was going to get busted. Now we’re seeing new Trump-Russia developments that point to why Rudy sounds so nervous.

Yesterday, Robert Mueller revealed that he had obtained a guilty plea from attorney Alex Van der Zwaan, who had tried to mislead investigators in the Trump-Russia scandal. The question of course is why Mueller is making such a point of busting Van der Zwaan. The answer may lie in the fact that his father-in-law is the owner of Alfa Bank in Russia, which has allegedly been deeply involved in the Trump-Russia election rigging scandal. As it turns out, Alfa Bank’s former attorney is none other than Rudy Giuliani.

If Mueller’s strategy here is to get Alex Van der Zwaan to give up what he knows about Alfa Bank’s involvement in the Trump-Russia scandal, then it’s not difficult to draw a straight line from there to Giuliani. Why was Rudy, a former Trump campaign adviser, also representing a Russian bank that’s been connected to the Trump campaign? What are the odds that that’s a mere coincidence?

No wonder Rudy Giuliani sounds nervous. Either he fears Robert Mueller and the FBI are about to nail him in the Trump-Russia scandal, or he’s already been forced to flip on Trump and he’s been left shellshocked by the experience. We’ll find out what’s really going on here soon enough. But there’s a reason why Giuliani, who never met a television camera he didn’t like, has been laying so low over the past year. He knew Trump-Russia would get him eventually, and it either has, or it will.

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